Dr. Martire Asks Students

Dr. Martire Asks Students

Emma Carr

We decided to revive an old column in the newspaper where the Headmaster could pose questions to the student body. Here is what Dr. Martire asked:

If you were a headmaster for a day you would…?

“Make a rule against homework.” -Noah Rubinson (9)

The best lunch served in the dining center is…?

“The sandwich bar is definitely the best.” -Karnett Huynh (10)

What would be a great new tradition to start?

“Monthly pep rallies.” -Chloe Fondren (10)

If you could change one thing about Kinkaid, what would it be?

“I’d like to be able to wear leggings.” -Katherine Montgomery (11)

Rob Lahourcade, or should I say “King Rob,” what advice would  you give to me?

“Always get the chocolate chip scones in the cafeteria; they’re great.” -Rob Lahourcade (12)