Students move from the classroom to the workplace in summer ’16


Julia Davis







Who: Darius Goodman (10)

Where: Dowling Summer School

What: “I helped out in the office making copies and stapling papers and doing other administrative work. I got there around 9 a.m. everyday and went into the classrooms and did paperwork. Then I went to lunch with the ids and then played games with them after in gym class.”










Who: Britney Williams (12)

Where: McAlister’s Deli

What: Cashier. “I wanted to make some money to buy Spotify Premium. Just teen things. I worked for two weeks and spent the money on candy online. Also, one time this customer gave me a $20 tip, which was lit. I saw “Finding Dory” with it. However, I was fired slowly by [them] cutting my hours from 8-hrs a week to none. I took away from this experience that you shouldn’t apply for a job that has hired 50 other cashiers, look for a place that needs you.”




Who: Kcenia Kloesel (12)

Where: The Menil Collection

What: “I interned with the curator of the Menil, Clare Elliott. I was always interested in art history and modern art. I learned a lot about what happens behind the scenes in museums. I learned about how much research goes into an exhibit and how they display it. Like for one exhibit [Clare] was setting up, it was for three or four paintings, but I spent the entire month going down to the library to get books for them to research.”



Who: Robert Shively (11)

Where: The Ireland National Lacrosse team in Hungary

What: “I went to Hungary with Parker Browne (11) and we interned for the Irish Lacrosse National Team for the European Lacrosse Championship. We ran the Instagram page, carried balls and waters, and helped set up practices. We interned alongside two kids from Kingwood and a kid from New Jersey. I did it more for fun, I don’t plan on becoming a professional lacrosse player.”