Meet The New Student Leaders

Eliza Griggs

Last month, the high school, with the exception of the seniors, gathered in the Brown Auditorium to hear from and elect the students who will lead the student body in the 2018-2019 school year. This series, which will run in the remainder of the The Falcon issues this year, will introduce students to next year’s senior leaders.  

Callie Rosenthal as president and Kate Carmain as VP will be working side-by-side in their mission to promote service through the Community Service Council. Kate Carmain is driven by her desire to make a change in the community and to grow as a leader. Kate has always had a passion for community service: she has worked as head of the Thursday table for two years (you have probably seen her at the table at the end of senior hall every Thursday encouraging students to sign up for serve projects). She is also an avid participant in a summer community service program to improve child literacy among Native American children. Carmain remarked that her primary goal is “to increase Kinkaid students participation and passion for service.”

Callie Rosenthal will be leading the Community Service Council as its president. She has served on the Kinkaid Community Service Council throughout her time in high school and has led numerous Kinkaid projects. Callie’s goal is to inspire a love of service in Kinkaid students and to raise student-faculty participation. “I hope to provide ample opportunities for students to serve groups in the greater Houston community alongside their peers and teachers, and to foster collaboration and teamwork among the Kinkaid Upper School,” said Callie. She wants to introduce students to service projects that they will enjoy. Callie aspires to spread awareness for service and urge Kinkaid students to get involved in the community: “The Kinkaid Community Service program is something that has transformed my life as a high school student, so I hope to help others find their passions through the program”

Eli Bakht and Olivia Stuart Ison will serve on the Honor Council together for the third year in a row. However, this time they will be leading the entire high school as co-presidents. Eli Bakht takes the Kinkaid Honor Code very seriously and has made protecting and honoring it his primary goal. “My goals are to be fair and continue the legacy that the other honor council presidents left behind,” said Eli. Olivia Stuart Ison was drawn to the Honor Council because she recognizes its significance and wants to spread awareness of the council and the Honor Code.. “I feel that I follow the four core values and respect people inside and outside of school,” said Ison. “I support the integrity of the Honor Council and the structure on which its principles were established.”

Sterling Elias and Christian Gibson will be working together as President and Vice President of the Governing Council. Upcoming Governing Council Vice President, Christian Gibson aims to improve the student experience. He aspires to increase student attendance at governing council meetings, so that student’s voices can be heard. Gibson remarked on the specific actions he plans on taking as vice president: “I plan to implement a program where we recognize our custodians, security guards, and dining center staff for their hard work. They operate behind the scenes, so it is easy for their hard work to go unnoticed, so I think that adding a custodian appreciation program would demonstrate our gratitude for their work in our community.” Gibson also wants to encourage increased fluidity between the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools by implementing programs that tie all grade levels together.

Sterling Elias, who will be serving as Kinkaid’s governing council president next year, is currently serving as the junior class president. He cites his qualification for the position with the fact that he has been an active member in the Kinkaid community since Pre-K; Elias has participated in athletics, as well as arts through his position on the newspaper staff. He has “seen Kinkaid from every perspective.” Elias’ mission is to be by the people and for the people: “I want to address all the students concerns; I want to do what the students think is best.”