Teacher continues book series

Cooper Buck, Staff Writer

Kinkaid is known to be filled with talented and artistic students who create powerful and moving essays and works of art. But what can be underappreciated are the talents of the faculty and staff.

Mrs. Angélique Jamail, Upper School English and creative writing teacher, recently published her new book, “Homecoming.” 

“The immigrant story is inspired by stories from my family’s past,” Mrs. Jamail said. “It took two to three years for me to write it and then get it published.”


The second book in a series, “Homecoming” takes place in a world where people have animal-like characteristics and affinities. It follows the journey of a high school girl, Raqia, on homecoming weekend and how she helps one of her best friends who is unsure on where he stands with the gang violence surrounding him. 


In the book, Raqia immigrated at a young age to Texas from Lebanon with her grandmother after Lebanaon had been terrorized by wolf packs in gangs. Raqia’s father stays behind in Lebanon, which allows Raqia to leave. Raqia struggles with loneliness her entire life, and moving to a new country without any siblings and only a grandmother as a parental figure, making it even harder for her to find her way. In a world where all her friends and family have animal characteristics, Raqia does not have any, which makes it challenging for her to navigate through high school.  


“Homecoming,” both a thriller and drama, highlights the importance of building, protecting and regaining relationships.

“Homecoming” is available here.