Upper School Students Answer the Call to Serve


Colin Conway

T[dropcap][/dropcap]he sound of jingle bells is often heard during this time of the year, but they are not the only bells that can be heard. The Salvation Army, a Christian charity, has volunteers who ring bells in public to promote volunteering and giving to charity every holiday season. This urge to give is heard by many a store-goer and is followed through by some members of the Kinkaid community.

This holiday season has an increased participation in volunteering, and Kinkaid plays a part in this. Seniors Thomas Scheunamann and James Goette give back to our community in the holiday season by helping the less fortunate find meals.

Volunteering is not limited to the winter holiday season for Kinkaid students. Thomas Scheunamann (12) volunteers annually during the week of Thanksgiving at Kids Meals, a charity that feeds underprivileged preschool students. Scheunemann, whose father, Mr. Kyle Scheunemann,  is on the board of directors at Kids Meals, has been volunteering for as long as he can remember.

“With my dad being one of the directors, my family has [volunteered] every Thanksgiving since I can remember, (Thanksgiving week) wouldn’t feel the same if we didn’t go and help out at Kids Meals,” Scheunemann said.

Scheunemann helps at Kids Meals year round, not only in the winter. He worked at Kids Meals this summer, doing inventory and stocking shelves in a warehouse. and said that he enjoyed every day of it no matter how long or grueling his work day was. “I think it is easy to take food and many other simple pleasures for granted. We can just walk and grab a snack out of our pantry or fridge at any time, but there are so many starving people in our community that when I give back, it reminds me of all that I am lucky to have.”    

James Goettee (12), a member of the Upper School community service council, has also volunteered at Kids Meals in the past. Goettee has volunteered at a variety of different charities and events throughout his upper school career. Along with his volunteer work with Kids Meals, Goettee has worked at Kinkaid’s Bocce Ball tournament for Special Olympics, Kinkaid’s Habitat for Humanity project, and Salvation Army’s Harbor Light shelter and music camp. Goettee said volunteering has grown on him over the past two years as he has grown to enjoy it more with each project he participates in.

“Knowing that the work I do can impact and help change someones life is a great experience,” said Goettee. As a part of Kinkaid’s community service committee, Goettee led the Harbor Light projects in which students helped in the kitchen and served meals at the Harbor Light shelter.

During this season of holidays, which is becoming more and more materialistic, we should all follow the lead of Goettee, Scheunemann, and the many other Kinkaid volunteers and give back to our community.