Harlem Renaissance Exhibition


Julia Davis

[dropcap]Sophomore[/dropcap] English classes taught by Ms. Miller and Ms. Esposito have spent two weeks this spring semester creating an exhibition about the Harlem Renaissance, which is is now on display in the Moran Library.

Both classes studied the Harlem Renaissance as an introduction to the book Their Eyes Were Watching God.




The class was divided into groups who had to cover the main art subjects of the Harlem Renaissance: photography, painting, music, and sculpture. Each group had to create an educational exhibit around their topic. The exhibits were launched Thursday, April 2 and are on display throughout the library.

The different student groups displayed their research and topics through different mediums, such as a paper chain, a suspended chandelier-mobile containing Harlem Renaissance paintings, and a record player that plays music from that time period. Also on display is sophomore Sarah Fullenweider’s independent art study on Black identity during the Harlem Renaissance. She created the mixed media painting during Interim Term after a lot of research on African American culture, art, and identity during in Harlem during the 1930’s.

The exhibit will be on display throughout the month of April.