PDA go away!


Caroline Orr

From hand holding in the halls, a kiss on the cheek before the start of class, to even makeout sessions in orchestra practice rooms, this is school, people.

Never in all my years at Kinkaid have I witnessed PDA as bad as it has been this year. And you know what I’m talking about—you’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, Mr. Loach has seen it, we’ve all seen it. And though “it” has always been there, I think we can all agree that the amount of PDA this school year is unparalleled.

Representing the majority, speaking on behalf of all uncommitted students at this school as well as faculty members, I think we all feel a little uncomfortable when we witness a cuddle session behind the bookcases in the library, or a flirt fest in the student center.

I don’t care if you think that you’ve found “the one” and want to demonstrate that with your social circle; I’m here to say that your friends actually don’t want to be a part of your relationship with your significant other, especially not when the two of you are lip-locking behind the lockers—just a fun fact.

I’d also like to add that just because school is over for the day doesn’t make it okay… It’s still school. Ms. Anita Orellana, Mr. Ray Reason, and now unfortunately myself included, know what happens at this school after hours…

I could sit here, and describe all of the uncomfortable situations I have been but for the sake of Mr. Loach and the freshmen, I’ll save them the anguish.

Overall, School is a professional environment where students and I come to learn, and faculty and staff members come to work. These many forms of PDA are not only unprofessional and inappropriate, but also borderline disrespectful. So please, don’t be that couple (you know who you are) that everybody rolls their eyes at—for both your sake and mine.