Perspectives: Faculty Art Exhibit


Suber’s Sculptures

Halle Brazda

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]onday afternoon, Aug. 24, six members of the Visual Arts faculty opened “Perspectives,” an art show that highlights work in each teacher’s respective mediums.


Photography teacher Ms. Farrah Brannif shared that the theme was chosen by the faculty because of the diverse approaches, perspectives, and methods each contributor takes in order to create art.


“I think it is interesting how different everyone’s work is from each other in media, style, and composition. It is even interesting for us to see each others work because we don’t always get that chance,” Ms. Braniff said.


The original idea for the gallery came from Fine Arts Director, Mrs. Betsy Durning. Mrs. Durning pitched the idea to the faculty at the end of the 2014-2015 school year and encouraged their participation, as she believed their students would be interested in seeing, and benefit from, the work teachers create outside of school.


The gallery is set to recur every four years so students will get the opportunity to view their teacher’s work at least once during their high school tenure.


Works in the gallery feature work from Upper School faculty members Mr. Anthony Suber (sculpture), Ms. Farrah Braniff (photography and mixed compositions), Mrs. Nancy McMillan (drawing and painting), Mrs. Megan Martin (mixed media, printing), Ms. Luiza Grandchamp (jewelry making and ceramics), Mr. John Henry Childs (photography), and Lower School Art teacher Ms. Lauren Taylor (ink).