Winter pep rally galvanizes students for SPC


Jonathan Eades

Senior student emcees Hunter Masterson and George Kugle for the pep rally pose.

Bennett Bowman, Staff Writer

Loud music filled the air as students flooded into the Melcher gym for the winter pep rally. At the same time, the Student Athletic Advisory Council prepared for three events. Committee members selected students to compete in a set of three games. 

The first competition was a “Hungry Hippos” competition with sister athletes across grades. The students rode scooters pushed by their siblings in an attempt to gather the most balls in a basket.

 “It was really fun being up there with my sister and competing together as a team,” said a sophomore Emmy Heath, who competed with her sister, junior Helena Heath

Games were also designed for selected brothers and twins. 

“I would say the brothers were the most competitive teams,” said sophomore and Student Athletic Advisory council member Maddy Billipp.

Junior Miles Roeder and sophomore Max Roeder came home with the win after the fierce championship round.

After the “Hungry Hippos” competition, there was a bubble sumo wrestling competition. The students wore inflatable balls in an attempt to knock each other out of boundary lines. 

The sumo wrestling competition was a student favorite and resulted in many laughs.

“My partner, Henry McFaul, basically took the reins, and we beat our competitors easily,” freshman Kate St. Julian said. “I think the students really enjoyed this competition because it was really funny.”

The last competition was a boy against girls matchup among the seniors. Students competed to see which student was able to surf a mat over rolling students.

The boys brought home the victory.

The pep rally was organized by junior Madison Price and senior Alex Jinnette and was sponsored by the Student Athletic Advisory Council. 

“The pep rally was a fun way to get into the school spirit and get excited for Southwest Preparatory Conference, and I think it was a great way to start the day,” Billipp said.

This pep rally competition was held in anticipation of the five winter SPC games and wrestling championship. The pink-out game was held at St. John’s on February 3.