High-achieving language students recognized in ceremony


Eshaan Mani

Sophomore Sanjna Pandit receives her certificate of induction into the National Spanish Honor Society Ciro Alegría Chapter.

Josh Sweetland, Staff Writer

High-achieving students in the language department were recognized for their hard work and outstanding performance in their respective language classes. 

In all four language courses offered at Kinkaid—Spanish, Chinese, French, and Latin—students received a document showing their membership to the National Language Honor Society. In order to become a member, students must attain a 94 average or above for three consecutive semesters. 

Due to a change in National Language Honor Society membership criteria that require three semesters in a language for Chinese, Latin and French, sophomores who would have qualified as new inductees in those languages this year were already inducted into societies last year. This made for numerous inductees in the Spanish department and not nearly as many in the other language courses. 

Senior Sammy Riesgo-Zamudio had the honor to speak at the beginning of the ceremony. She talked about how numerous people went up to her asking her why she didn’t take Spanish, which is her first language. 

“I’ve loved French since Madame Schneller’s class, and I wanted to continue my study of Latin after the eighth grade, so I decided to study both languages,” Sammy said.

Madame Mariana Schneller is a Middle School French teacher.

Already fluent in Spanish, Riesgo-Zamudio wanted to challenge herself and take Latin and French courses. Through her hard work, she became quadrilingual, fluent in English, Spanish, French and Latin. 

Her speech was inspiring for people to push themselves not to take the easy route and to take advantage of their opportunities. 

During the ceremony, every new inductee was recognized and given a certificate for the National Language Honor Society. After the Spanish inductees received their certificates, they recited a Spanish pledge that announced their membership in the society.

“It was such a special experience to be celebrated and inducted into such a prestigious society,” said sophomore Eshaan Mani. “I’ve always loved the study of Spanish and this only further motivates me to take my passion forward and study the language diligently.”

At the end of the ceremony, the new inductees celebrated with their special guests in the Ogilvie Lobby. There were refreshments provided by the facilities team, including cannolis, macarons, punch and cookies. 

The list of students who were honored as new inductees.