Senioritis in film


Stephan Müller

A film setup with camera, cage and drone.

Carter Pitts, Staff Writer

Students in advanced filmmaking turned everyday Kinkaid experiences into riveting episodes in a new series: “Senioritis.”

“Senioritis” is an episodic series of short films made as a collaborative project. It is centered around three main characters played by seniors Rivers Breeding, Arsalan Saeed and Clayton Rice. 

In addition to the main characters, the crew consists of an impressive number of crew members.

“The crew worked together to create a show with a lighthearted vibe that reflects small parts of the school year in ways that are relatable to Kinkaid students specifically,” said senior Carolina Weiland, who is the producer.

The show’s most recent episode was inspired by Kinkaid students’ profound love for the cafeteria’s entree General Tso’s chicken. The episode was screened during assembly and was a huge hit among the students. 

The hope of the students in this year’s advanced film class is to pass the series on to the students of next year’s class.

“We hope this will be a tradition of sorts that is passed on for many years if the advanced film students are willing and passionate about making it,” said Weiland.  

Other crew members include juniors Jackie Jafarnia and Andrew Tellepsen, who are cinematographers. Senior Scott Altsuler and junior Tim Elkins are in charge of the writing and directing aspects of the show. Junior Jake Busa directed the most recent episode and junior Aeden Hogan managed the sound on the project. Senior Pryce Pivec, who wrote the first semester’s assembly showing “Purple People Eater” is a part of the cast and senior Henry Segal is the editor and one of the writers. Sophomore Jack Easterby, who works as an assistant director on a lot of projects, can often be seen as Jafarnia’s camera assistant. 

The crew has begun filming the second episode in the series.