Varsity boys’ soccer win SPC after 44 years


Eshaan Mani

A soccer ball rests in the middle of a field.

Josh Sweetland and Preston Herleth

44 years ago. 

That is the last time Kinkaid boys’ varsity soccer won the SPC championship. But that changed when the boys’ varsity soccer team won the SPC championship again with an electric performance at this year’s SPC playoffs in Fort Worth, Texas on Feb. 12. 

The team’s record going into the SPC playoffs was 5-2 in conference games with losses to Bellaire Episcopal and John Cooper. 

Bellaire Episcopal beat the Kinkaid Falcons 3-1 in the regular season, proving that they were a tough competitor. In the John Cooper game, the Falcons underperformed and felt too confident in the second half. The Falcons were up 2-0 at the half but lost in an upset to John Cooper 3-2. 

Losses like these hurt during the regular season. After learning from their losses, the Falcons were determined to take home the SPC Championship trophy.

“I was a little nervous, but I was confident that we would perform well,” said sophomore starting striker Grant Petersen. 

Going into the SPC playoffs, Bellaire Episcopal was the favorite to win the championship, but they got knocked out by Greenhill in an upset in the first round of play. 

“Episcopal was our biggest threat going into the playoffs, but thankfully, they got beat, which made it easier to get to the finals,” Petersen said. 

This past week in Fort Worth, the Falcons played two games to make it to the finals. First, they beat the Cistercian school 2-0 in the quarterfinals. The team then defeated a talented St. Mark’s team 2-1 in the semifinals. Finally, in the SPC championship game, the Falcons beat the Casady school 1-0 in a nerve-racking game. Senior Louis Graham scored the final goal in both the semi-finals and the finals. He was the ‘clutch’ player during the SPC playoffs. 

“This win was a long time coming, we got robbed of it my freshman year and we didn’t get a chance to play for it last year so winning this year felt amazing” said junior midfielder Ethan Jett. Goalkeeper Alastair Hafner Schnee described the win as “dope” and “relieving.” It must’ve felt good to win the SPC championship considering how long it has been since boys’ soccer won it last.