Wellness week helps students de-stress


Savannah Miller

The Wellness Committee set up a table outside the Commons to celebrate Nutrition Day on Dec. 1.

Carter Pitts, Staff Writer

The Wellness Committee hosted a wellness week from Dec. 1 to 8 to help students de-stress during midterms. 

“The goal of Wellness Week is to raise awareness and education and build a community through encouraging others to take care of their health,” said wellness director Ms. Cheryl Mitchell. Ms. Mitchell has overseen the committee’s activities since 2019.

 Each day of the week had a different theme and a different event prepared. 

The committee hosted a nature walk during club time on Dec. 7, where many students joined teachers and the Wellness Committee and walked around the backyard. The Wellness Committee decided on this as one of their events because being outside puts the body in a state of meditation and boosts endorphins. 

“I love spending time outside, as it helps calm me down and take my mind off of finals,” said sophomore Oliver Oldham. 

Several students gathered in the Moran Library courtyard to participate in one of the most popular events of the week — the primal scream — on Dec. 8. 

Students threw their heads back and let out a shout to help relieve their stress on the last day of instruction before finals. This tradition is common at several U.S. universities. 

“I loved being able to scream and let all my emotions out, as it helped lower my stress and anxiety levels,” said freshman Anna Cate Wynne. 

One of the themed school days was Pajama day on Friday, Dec. 3. The reasoning behind the pajama theme is to remind the students of the importance of sleep to their health and well-being. “I loved being able to wear my pajamas at school because it made me much more comfortable, and relaxed,” said junior Bennett Jones. 

The Wellness Committee will also be hosting a movie night on Dec. 10, and they will be playing the movie “Inside Out.” They hope that it will be a fun way to relieve stress for the student body, as they begin finals.