Athletic teams look strong going into SPC


Annabelle Letzerich

The varsity field hockey team poses at SPC.

Josh Sweetland, Staff Writer

As we near the end of the fall season, fall sports teams have been on a roll. 

The Falcon varsity football team has had seven wins and two losses, which occurred during hard-fought battles against Little Cypress and The Episcopal School of Dallas. 

In the Southwestern Preparatory Conference division, the varsity football team won against Bellaire Episcopal, St. Mark’s, and Houston Christian and was third in the SPC behind the undefeated ESD and St. John’s teams, but that was until The Falcons defeated the St. John’s Maverick, 34-24, Oct. 29 at Rice Stadium.

Varsity football player and senior Trace St. Julian expressed his opinion on how the football team will need to perform in SPC. 

“ We need to be building on top of our performance each week in order to be at our peak for the championship…” St. Julian said.

The varsity field hockey team has a record of 11-1. The team is nationally ranked and played in a national tournament in Conshohocken, PA from Sep. 24-25. At the national tournament, they face off against other great field hockey teams and finished the tournament with an impressive record of 2-1. Outside the tournament, opposing teams are yet to score a single goal against the Falcon varsity field hockey team. 

The boys’ varsity volleyball team has a record of 13-2, and if they continue to work hard in practice and play well in games, they will do well when it comes to the SPC playoffs and have a good chance of winning the SPC championship. The girls’ varsity volleyball team has a record of 7-4 and looks good as they head into the final games of their season.

The varsity cross country teams have run in several meets so far this season. The boys’ cross country team placed fourth at the Greenhill Relays meet, second at the Brenham Meet, third at the Tonkaway Invitational, and seventh at the McNeil Invitational. 

The runners still have a number of meets left. 

The girls’ cross country team has had six meets so far throughout Texas in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. 

In each of the meets, at least one person has medalled in every race. 

They have one meet left–SPC in Dallas. 

As sophomore runner Tori Livingstone said, “Our season has been a lot of fun and we are looking forward to SPC this weekend. Our last meet was Southzone in Austin where we placed 2nd with three people medalling. Hopefully, we will have even more success at SPC as we are expected to have three people medal–me (Tori Livingstone), Kevriana Scott, and Maddy Billipp.”

Overall, fall sports teams have done well and are looking to excel at SPC.