A spooky spectacle in the Brown Auditorium


Jonathan Eades

The band, guided by Mr. Vogt, play during their performance.

David Liu, Staff Writer

The Brown Auditorium was filled with the sound of spooky songs on Sunday. 

Kinkaid’s orchestra and band performed in separate concerts in the Brown Auditorium on Oct. 24. The orchestra played Halloween-themed songs such as “Phantom of the Opera” and “This is Halloween,” while the band played theme songs from movies such as  Beetlejuice” and “The Addams Family.” 

Mr. Russell Vogt, band director, described how he struggled to choose a favorite piece.

It’s kind of like a parent saying who’s their favorite child,” Vogt said. “There are aspects in each piece that I value and enjoy. Our last piece, ‘Enter Sandman,’’ is very different from anything else we’re doing because it’s very heavy metal. There are moments where guitar, piano and drums are just going on. Students are doing air guitar on their trombone and other instruments and really getting into it.

Freshman Caroline Raynes played clarinet during the band performance.

“There’s a great culture of being both productive and having a fun time,” Raynes said. “The most fun moments are when you are not necessarily playing, but just having a fun time with people you wouldn’t otherwise hang out with.”

Raynes said the most difficult sections for the band are the triplets in “Darkened Theater” for clarinets and woodwinds. 

Mr. Vogt expressed his gratitude to the many soloists featured in the program, especially sophomore Patrick Reilly on the guitar in “Enter Sandman.”