Motion Picture Club featured on The Late Late Show


Henry Segal

Nick Bernstein discusses the Motion Picture Club on the Late Late Show.

David Liu, Staff Writer

Kinkaid’s Motion Picture Club received a shoutout on The Late Late Show, topping off a series of positive experiences with comedian James Corden and his team. 

Corden mentioned the Motion Picture Club while in conversation with Nick Bernstein, producer on The Late Late Show.

“They’re a lovely group of kids,” Mr. Corden said to Mr. Bernstein during the episode, which aired on Sept. 28, 2021. 

Senior Henry Segal, president of the Motion Picture Club, recounted the moment when he saw the club’s shoutout, which he received a lead on when Mr. Bernstein commented on the club’s Instagram.

“Nick Bernstein commented ‘You might want to watch tonight’s episode’ on our post,” Segal said. “Watching that clip at two in the morning, I was so tired that I was having doubts if the clip was real. I needed to tell the club and sent an email at 2:19 that morning with the subject line ‘WOAH…’”

Segal said his greatest takeaway from speaking with Mr. Corden and Mr. Bernstein was how far simply reaching out can take you. 

“While 95% of the people I reach out to for this don’t even respond, the 1% that responds with a yes makes it all worth it,” he said.

The Motion Picture Club is currently coordinating sessions with more speakers this year.