A spotlight on yoga at Kinkaid during National Yoga Month


Julia Nguyen

Ms. Arenkiel leads yoga practice on the balcony of the Brown Auditorium.

Jacqueline Landrith, Staff Writer

Ms. Jennifer Arenkiel, the Upper School yoga instructor, begins her classes with her students’ highs and lows of the day. 

Ms. Arenkiel follows that routine with inspirational thoughts or a lesson, such as a review of human anatomy. She said she wants her students to apply the information they learned to the practice of yoga. 

“Yoga allows you to be able to use the movement of the body to be able to take your concentration and just focus on what’s happening at the moment for the moment,” Ms. Arenkiel said. “Then there’s usually uplifting and encouraging moments that go along with it and by being able to be present at the moment it allows you to be able to relax and your body starts building muscle and flexibility.”

Yoga students have noticed positive outcomes since beginning her classes. 

“I go home stress-free and in a better mood,” sophomore Molly Gottsegen said. “The breathing exercises are my favorite part because they have many benefits.” 

Arenkiel said participating in yoga can help students. 

“You sleep better, it helps you focus, and you have better concentration,” she said.

Yoga is offered after school during fall, winter and spring athletics.

Each class ends with a cool down and a final pose called savasana, or corpse pose, which is used for meditation and relaxation.