Coffeehouse persists despite pandemic


Sophomore Adele Johnson watches the finale act of the 2021 coffeehouse.

Charlie Sole, News and Sports Editor

Hot chocolate, sugar cookies and  performances. These are all norms for the annual Coffeehouse; however, some traditions had to be modified amid the pandemic. 

The most significant and most notable change was the difference in location. This year’s Coffeehouse was held outside on Segal Field, so that the limited audience could safely socially distance while watching the performances in the bleachers.  

“The point of Coffeehouse is to just be like an intimate, fun night in a cozy room,” said sophomore Canaan Estes, member of the Fine Arts Leadership Board. “It turned out great, and setting it up wasn’t too bad, so the new location was an easy adjustment when I set aside prior knowledge.”

Additionally, students could utilize the concession stand to safely get the standard complimentary cookies, hot chocolate, candy, and popcorn associated with the Coffeehouse. The Fine Arts Leadership Board provided each attendee with a goodie bag packed with snacks. 

“I felt pretty safe at Coffeehouse, the distancing was good,” Estes said. 

Coffeehouse most definitely could not have happened if it weren’t for the student-run Fine Arts Leadership Board, as they worked very hard to ensure its  continued success. 

“I actually knew about Coffeehouse long ago because I helped plan it on the Fine Arts Leadership Board. I’ve been working on it since September and I am so happy it was able to come together like it did.” Estes said.