9th and 10th grade to have dance in Doggett


Cooper Buck and Sam Pitts

Dozens of students will gather in the Doggett gym to dance and laugh with their friends, as well as hang out and play video games on Saturday night. 

For more than two hours, the gym will be open to students and faculty who wish to dance and relax on Feb. 1. 

This year’s student planning committee wanted to do something different and better than dances in the past. Over the course of several meetings last semester, the party planning committee decided to choose a video game theme because it appeals to everyone. 

“It seems like a fun opportunity to be with my friends,” said freshman Josh Hopkins.

In addition to a DJ, several classic and modern arcade games such as Mario Cart will be available. There will be a photo booth and prizes. 

“I think Kinkaid dances are fun and everyone should attend,” sophomore Mallory Sikes said.

The dance is exclusive to freshmen and sophomores. Students will be permitted to enter until 8:30 p.m. and they will not be allowed to leave before 10 p.m. The dance will end at 10:30. 

There has been a lot of “hype” surrounding the event.

“I’m excited to get my boogie on,”  freshman Ben Holm said.