Students win T-shirt contest with Candyland design

Dylan Marcus, Staff Writer

Sophomores Mary Blake Williams and Patrick Solcher were inspired by the theme “Candyland” when they created their winning designs for the Kinkaid vs. St. John’s football game this year.   

“Candyland,” a theme related to the board game, was chosen by The Spirit of Kinkaid for the 2019-2020 school year, and inspired Williams to draw the mascots for both schools playing on the gameboard of Candyland

Every year students are asked to design a T-shirt for the week of the Kinkaid vs. St. John’s football game and one drawing is selected as the game’s T-shirt illustration. 

The Spirit of Kinkaid Club plans a week full of Kinkaid spirit dress days leading up to the football game at Rice Stadium. On the day of the game, the theme is purple and gold, which invites students to wear their St. John’s t-shirts to the pep rally and throughout the rest of the day. 

Two talented students had the privilege of having their illustrations selected for the t-shirt design. The back of the t-shirt belongs to Mary Blake Williams, while Patrick Solcher’s inspiration was put onto the front of the shirt. 

Solcher elucidated a field goal being kicked through a goal post made out of candy canes, accurately displaying the outcome of the football game as Kinkaid defeated St. John’s 41-7 on Friday, securing another trip to the SPC championship. 

Students saw a lot of impressive designs, which should motivate people to enter their drawings into the contest for next year and represent.