Mavericks mock Kinkaidians for dress up day

Sally Buck, Digital Executive Editor

St. John’s student photographer


As October comes to a close each year, students gear up for the annual Kinkaid vs. St. John’s football game.

A theme is assigned for each day of the week leading up to the game, but the week holds a special pride for seniors who participate in the “Mock the Mavs” dress up theme on Monday.

“Ever since I was in Lower School, I saw the older kids dressing up as Mavericks and couldn’t wait to do the same,” senior Eliza Lawrence said.

Kinkaid students often dote glasses and calculators, playing on a “nerd” stereotype of St. John’s students. On the other hand, seniors at St. John’s dress in preppy attire, from khakis to tiaras, to mock the Falcons.

While the rivalry between the two schools runs deep, the mocking is all in good fun and students willingly exchange attire with friends between the two schools.


(Photo Courtesy of St. John’s student photographers)