Rainwater spills into the school


Torrential rain fell for hours on campus, causing water to flow into areas of the Upper School.

The bombing sounds of thunder stirred the school. Lighting popped outside classroom windows, illuminating the midnight-like sky.

What many thought would be a few days of light rain has become a tropical depression that it displacing families from their houses and trapping students at school.

As the minutes passed, the conditions continued to grow worse, especially inside Kinkaid.

“The rain continues to fall faster and the drains cannot take it so the water is rising into the school,” said Ed Jordan, director of facilities.

Mr. Peter Behr, head of the Upper School, announced that seniors’ open-campus privilege to get lunch off campus was canceled because of the weather. But, students were allowed to leave.

 “Students may go home at any time,” Mr. Behr said. “In a situation like this, administration would never put your safety at risk. You will be excused from classes if your parents think this is the safest option for you.”

As the storm rages on, multiple rooms in the Upper School have already seen unwanted water. The faculty lounge, student center, and room 123 are some of the reported areas.

Throughout the day, students have excused themselves from classes for the memories from Harvey that Imelda resurfaces.