Transformations art exhibit brings art students together


Eliza Griggs

Student art is featured in the coves downstairs in the Student Life building

Eliza Griggs, Opinion Editor

The transformations art exhibit, which can be found downstairs in the Student Life Building, is a project involving the lower, middle, and upper school art students.

The sign in front of the exhibit describes it as being “based on the idea that we are born (eggs), we live safely (bird houses), and then we fly away (wings). Each student was tasked with creating a work based on their own transformations.” The exhibit features many different interpretations of houses, self-portraits, sculptures and ceramics.

Ceramics student and senior, Adryana Minooe, shared the intended meaning of her piece. 

“My piece is a plate that has flowers that are branching out across a solid background, and each branch represents a different way that I have grown as a person,” Minooe said. 

The transformations exhibit will remain downstairs until the end of the month.