Houston’s Best Dessert Spots

Madi Babine, Staff Writer

Houston’s unique dessert scene will surely indulge any sweet tooth. From pastries, to cupcakes, pies, or just anything that contains sugar, Houston has some of the best dessert spots, especially if you look in the right places. These sweet treats are surely to blow your “diet” out the door and get you racing to these bakeries.

Although the bakery may be called “Petite Sweets”, this upscale bakery definitely has a wide range of small desserts to full-size cakes and cupcakes. Located on W Alabama St and open seven days a week since 2011, Petite Sweets is the perfect place for a small, much deserved treat.

Walking into Petite Sweets, the atmosphere was warm and friendly, and immediately I was indulged by the sweet smell of cookies and cake. The range of sweets made it hard to choose what to order; the ice cream, cake balls, and frozen treats such as ice cream surely satisfied my sweet tooth.

First off, the cake balls. The cookies and cream cake ball was a favorite recommended by one of the employees, and she was right. The cake ball drizzled in frosting and oreo crumbs was quickly gone soon after my first bite. From my first bite, they were moist, soft, and the chocolate surrounding them melted inside my mouth immediately.

The wide range of colored and decorated macaroons definitely caught my eye. Especially the watermelon and cotton candy. The lime green and soft pink mixture was something to die for. It had a crunchy and sweet taste accompanied with an undertone of coolness watermelon. Much like the watermelon, the cotton candy macaroon was the perfect ending to a great range of desserts. The macaroons are perfect for a quick on the go treat, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Lastly, for a cool treat, the ice cream. Going basic, I went for the waffle cone and cookies and cream ice cream, a favorite. The ice cream is perfect for a hot Houston day.

Known for their chocolate chip cookies, italian cream cakes, and cupcakes, Red Dessert Dive has been open for almost three years now. Located in the Heights, Red Dessert Dive is a great addition to the Heights scene. Open Tuesdays through Sundays, this bakery is perfect for not necessarily a late night eat, but a Sunday afternoon quick snack.

The unique and urban look of the bakery helped me settle in quickly and pick out my sweets. The welcoming staff gave me some awesome recommendations, which were to my advantage.

Not the biggest fan of cheesecake, this is something Red Dessert Dive was known for, so optimistically, I ordered it. This strawberry cheesecake was one of the best things I have ever tasted. The cold, and fresh cheesecake coated with fresh strawberries and strawberry syrup was something new for me, but a new favorite. The cheesecake immediately softened in my mouth along with the unflavored, yet crunchy crust.

The cookie was, although, by far, the best thing I had tasted so far. Even though it was just a simple chocolate chip cookie, it was coated with salt that gave my mouth that delicious combination of salty and sweet. The thick chunks of chocolate and the airy and moist texture of the cookie forced me to order another one to take home.

Another favorite was the vanilla cupcake covered in sprinkles, although a known and basic dessert, the light, airy, and cool frosting had me taking another bite. The cake inside was fresh and perfectly made.

Just recently opened in 2015, Fluff Bake Bar has quickly become a new favorite in Midtown. This small, unknown bakery is the perfect place for a Saturday sweet treat with your friends and family. The affordable and fun desserts attract many customers, especially from Midtown. With a wide variety of cookies, such as the “Couch Potato” and  “Unicorn Bait” will make your mouth water with the mix of savory and sweet flavors.

Walking in, I was excited by the thought of eating their cupcakes; however, to my surprise, the treat was a cake in a cup, hence “Cup Cake”. The “Cup Cake” was something very unexpected, but I was excited to try it. Although the cake was cold, it did not lose its taste or texture. I took my first bite with half-cake, half-frosting and the combination of lemon and strawberry blew up in my mouth. The although tart lemon fused beautifully with the strawberry frosting, making me smile.

Now, I had heard great reviews about two specific cookies from Fluff Bar, the “Couch Potato” and “Unicorn Bait”. I sat down with the two cookies, enthusiastic about the “Unicorn Bait”, because for one, it was lathered in sprinkles, but I had a slight doubt of uneasiness about the “Couch Potato” because it is composed of potato chips, pretzels, corn flakes, marshmallows & chocolate chip all in one cookie. All I need to say is, I went back and ordered three more. The savory and sweet mingled so well together and I could not stop after I picked it up. The “Unicorn Bait” was so easy to bite into, it still had that warm, just baked cookie texture. On the outside it was visually pleasing, much like the inside where sprinkles were blended into the mixed, making it a beautiful outside and inside.

Lastly, because I obviously wasn’t full enough, I ordered the coconut macaroon. As a true coconut fanatic, I was expecting great things and I was thrilled to try this. From the first bite, I felt dryness in the macaroon; however, once I mixed the coconut with the chocolate on the bottom, I fell in love. The crusty outside of the macaroon mixed with the chocolate on the bottom and the endless coconut in the middle was such a perfect triplet.