Meet the new student leaders

Eliza Griggs

In this issue, we will introduce another six of the  rising seniors who will fill Kinkaid’s leadership roles in the 2018-2019 school year.

Avery Looser will serve on the Fine Arts Leadership Board as president of the visual arts department. She has served on the board since her sophomore year and has taken six semesters of arts classes at Kinkaid. Her main focus is filmmaking, but she has also participated in the majority of Kinkaid’s performing arts events, and she has had some of her writing works published in Falcon Wings. “I wanted to take on this role because I have an extreme passion for storytelling,” said Looser. Her goal as president of the visual arts department is to “create a fully immersive Kinkaid art community,” as well as display equal importance to all forms of art offered at Kinkaid. Looser would like to see Kinkaid students expressing their creativity to the fullest extent.

Seb Seager will be on the Fine Arts Leadership Board as president of performing arts. “I believe that the arts are about telling a story and about using various media to search for a greater meaning.” He started in the arts at an early age by partaking in many endeavors in lower and middle school. During his time in upper school he was sound designer for “Two Gentlemen of Verona.” Seager also writes poetry and is a flute player in Kinkaid’s band. “It is my goal to increase awareness and appreciation for Kinkaid’s phenomenal Performing Arts programs, both through continued development of established Arts events and by implementing new, ambitious ideas,” said Seager. He wants to get more students to experience the performing arts offered at Kinkaid, and most importantly, to participate.

Ellie Lucke is excited to be next year’s Young Alumni Leader President. This will be her second year being part of YAL. The program is fairly new (next year will be its third year), and Lucke’s goal is to expand and spread awareness about it. She also hopes to raise the number of alumni who remain involved in the Kinkaid community after they graduate. “I really like the idea of helping people stay involved in the community,” says Lucke. Lucke will be accompanied by Jack Mitchell as VP of the council. Mitchell strives to help Kinkaid students make connections that will lead to fulfilling opportunities after their time at Kinkaid. “I hope to encourage more people to sign up for YAL, and make YAL meetings open to more students,” said Mitchell. He feels passionate about YAL and its mission and hopes to expose more students to it.

Varsity field hockey and soccer player and track runner, Farise Cravens, will be next year’s Student Athletic Advisory Council President. The council has only been in place for three years, and next year will be Cravens’ second year, so she is very familiar with the council and its mission. She is experienced with working with children and Kinkaid’s lower and middle school, which is one of the council’s priorities. As president of the council, Cravens would like to encourage more activities with Kinkaid’s middle school students. She also plans to work more with team captains. There is a council in place called the Captain’s Council, in which Kinkaid’s team captains, along with the SAC council, discuss what they can do differently or better. Cravens said, “We never really use the captain’s council for anything productive, and I would really like to do more with that.”

Merritt Cozby will be next year’s Upper to Middle School Peer Mentor Leader. She will lead the talks in which upper school students discuss relevant social topics with middle school students, such as body confidence and social media. Cozby enjoyed the program when she was in middle school and would like to give current middle school students the same experience. She was a peer mentor in eighth grade and has a passion for helping the community. Cozby said that her primary goal is “to teach them something valuable and help their transition to high school.”