Parking Garage Nears Completion


Kirk Hachigian

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter almost nine months of work, the new parking garage is entering the final stages of construction. All of the structural work has been completed, and workers are now finishing up the electrical, lighting, and safety features.

“A major milestone for the project is the installation of the elevator so that we are able to get our occupancy permit from the City [of Houston],” said Director of Facilities at Kinkaid, Ed Jordan.

Despite some early delays due to rainy weather last fall, the construction is still on schedule to be completed by mid-April. Mr. Jordan believes that the garage “will be open for parking by Field Day [on April 14th].” Construction has been smooth so far with no major issues or delays since the completion of the foundation.

The size of the spaces will be the standard size that can be found at the front of the school. Currently, some of the West Lot parking spaces are smaller than standard, as the school had tried to squeeze in more spots. As many students drive large trucks, the width of the spots is an important issue.

There is also a great deal of discussion regarding where students will park once the garage is completed. While many seniors wish to keep their spots in the West lot, no plan has been finalized yet.

“Dr. Martire, Mr. Loach, and I have gone through a few different options for a parking plan, but nothing has been decided yet. Hopefully, we will have a plan in place within the next few weeks,” said Mr. Jordan.

The building of the parking garage has also been a great way for Kinkaid students to learn about construction and engineering. Members of the Engineering Club have had the opportunity to discuss the building plans with the architects and some of the 60 workers on the site daily.

When completed, the multi-level garage will have close to 575 spaces and traffic should lessen once the second entrance to the school is constructed.