Fine Arts Leadership Board to host Coffee House


Hannah Holliday

Imagine the taste of fluffy, sugared pastries from the Common Bond, the smell of the hot cocoa and coffee from Starbucks, the sound of your friends’ and teachers’ performances at an open mic night, the sight of twinkly lights illuminating the beautiful artwork created by students and faculty. Welcome to an evening at the Coffee House, a new event organized by the Fine Arts Leadership Board, to take place in the evening from 7-10 p.m. on Jan. 29, 2016 in the Student Center.

The Board intends to transform the Student Center into a coffee shop with mismatched furniture pieces, vintage decorations, and ambient lighting.

The event serves as a new opportunity for students who might not take part in the performing or advanced arts classes to show off their talents.

This invitation is extended to faculty in addition to students, and the Board hopes to present a set-list of varied performances, from individual to group performances, slam poetry, beat boxing, acapella or with instrumental accompaniment.

In addition to the live music and creative performances, work from the visual artists will also fill the space. The Coffee House is an opportunity for students to showcase more mature work not suitable for the public Student Life galleries that must also be appropriate for the younger students from Pre-K through Middle School. Photography, sculptures, drawings and paintings typically restricted from the galleries can be exhibited at the Coffee House, provided they are appropriate for school.

Director of Fine Arts, Mrs. Durning, emailed the sign-up form as a Google Form survey, which interested students and faculty members can find here. (Sign-ups are simple: the form requests type of piece, approximate length, and what items are necessary for performance, i.e. microphones.)

The Coffee House was inspired by the ISAS Arts Festival Coffee House, the most popular event at the festival. Students performing at the 2016 art festival’s Coffee House are required to first perform their piece at Kinkaid’s Coffee House.

The event will take place the week after Interim Term. In joint assembly on Wednesday, Dec. 2, students were treated to a preview of the Coffee House, with a ukulele and vocal performance from Kate Hickman (12) and Jaelyn Hamilton (11) of the song “Hallelujah.” Lily Fitzpatrick (12) sang “Vienna” and was accompanied by Josh Raizner (12) on the piano.