Visiting the Garage


Hana Keleta


Currently Kinkaid is building a multi-level parking garage in order to redesign traffic flow on campus. On Oct. 20th, students in the Engineering Club had the opportunity to visit the construction site for the new parking garage and speak with some of the architects and engineers spearheading the project.

The parking garage is being  built and designed by the Linebeck company. Students were shown the plans for the parking garage, as well as the different steps that the engineers have to take to make it work.They learned about what foundation the engineers used so that the the garage won’t break, how to drain it, run lights through it, and how to reroute the ravine behind it so that there won’t be any major flooding issues.

Students also donned hard hats to visit the construction site of the garage. There are ten people who work on the day-to-day tasks of the project. There is a total of 569 parts to the garage, and 15 are put up per a day, and the whole project will be completed by end of April 2016. The completed garage will accommodate 575 cars for students, employees and guests.