Dean’s unique glasses spark interest and amusement

Eshaan Mani, Executive Digital Editor

As he walked into the physics classroom, Upper School dean Mr. James Onwuachi chuckled at students’ reactions to his new accessory: LED glasses with the message “Mr. O is the future.”

“Can I try them on?” physics teacher Dr. Pierce Robinson asked. “And can I take a picture? My wife is a massive Star Trek fan.”

Taking turns to try the glasses on, students marveled that they felt like they were in another dimension and some said they even wanted to buy Mr. Onuwuachi’s glasses to enjoy after final exams. 

A poll conducted on the Kinkaid Falcon Instagram to assess whether Dr. Robinson should invest in a pair of the glasses resulted in a 90% “yes” verdict.

“You can actually see out of them,” junior Caroline Girard said. “It’s so cool!”

Mr. Onwuachi is known for roaming the Upper School halls during his off-periods, wearing unique outfits or gadgets, including a rabbit suit. 

Most recently, he invested in a pair of “Shining Glasses,” a brand that has a customizable, full-color LED display that can be programmed with messages, patterns or animations. 

“I had been looking at these glasses for months,” Mr. Onwuachi said, playing with them in his hands. “They were sold out on Amazon for a while, and when the opportunity surfaced, I bought them.”

The glasses are controlled through a free app, which Mr. Onwuachi demonstrated. 

“Try them on!” he urged students. He cycled through animations of Halloween pumpkins and futuristic patterns like those in the ENCOM master frame in the 1985 science fiction film “Tron.”

Mr. Onwuachi said walking around the school with new gadgets or outfits has been his way of bringing levity to students’ lives.

“I also take pride in being an individualistic person,” he said. “I like to show off my uniqueness and even make some students wonder if I’m from a different dimension sometimes.”

For a video of the glasses click here!