Big Brothers, Big Sisters program facilitates bonding with local elementary students

Morgan Suman, Assistant Photo Editor

Kinkaid high schoolers play bright and fun games twice a month to bond and have fun with a child from Briargrove Elementary. 

The Big Brother Big Sister program, or BBBS, pairs up high school students and regular volunteers, known as “bigs,” with a “little.” The purpose of the program is to nurture children and strengthen communities that are at risk.

Mrs. Kacie Horton, Upper School coordinator of service programs, is the liaison between Kinkaid and BBBS and has kept the partnership running for the past year. 

“We facilitate a relationship to promote this cause, and there are benefits for both ‘bigs’ and ‘littles.’” says Horton

High schoolers hang out and play games, such as Connect 4, to build lasting relationships that benefit both the big and the little. 

“They make meaningful connections that help children realize their potential and develop skills,” says Horton.

High schoolers believe what they’re doing is essential and helpful to the child’s overall life experience. 

“In this organization, we help the littles with their emotional health and eat lunch and play games like uno with them,” said senior Matthew Godinich.

BBBS aids younger children in cultivating both relationship skills and helps older volunteers to gain better mentorship skills.