Falcons rank top holiday films



Watching holiday films is a popular pastime in the winter season.

David Liu, Assistant News Editor

Holiday films hold great importance to the winter season. Who doesn’t enjoy huddling with your loved ones around the TV and watching some classics? Below is a list of Falcons’ favorite holiday films.

#6 Polar Express

A young boy lacking Christmas spirit embarks on an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole on the night of Christmas eve. Throughout the journey, he meets new friends and is introduced to the magic of Christmas. 

Though it pioneered the use of motion-capture in animated films, Polar Express’ visual presentation can often feel janky and awkward. The plot of the film, while filled with action-filled and adrenaline-rushing iconic moments, leaves much to be desired in character and story. From the opinion of the editors of The Falcon, Polar Express received a rating of 75% rotten tomatoes. 

#5 Frosty the Snowman

Premiering in 1969, Frosty the Snowman is an all-time classic in which a magical, discarded hat brings life into a snowman constructed by a group of children. When Professor Hinkle, a magician, attempts to steal the hat back and the temperature begins to rise, Frosty the Snowman must escape to save his life. In the end, Frosty departs on a train with a young girl to the North Pole and lives happily ever after. This animated film received a rating of 76% rotten tomatoes demonstrating how this classic continues to bring joy in its viewers despite its old age.

#4 Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

An age-old classic, Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer is narrated by Sam the Snowman who tells a story of a young reindeer whose father is one of Santa’s reindeer. He hopes to become one too, but is limited by his red nose. During a foggy Christmas Eve, Rudolph proves himself by leading Santa’s sleigh. A nostalgia-filled film, his classic Christmas story received a rating of 79% for its sentimental value and heart-warming themes. 

#3 The Grinch

The Grinch and his dog Max live in an isolated mountain neighboring Whoville, a joyful town full of Christmas spirit. When Christmas time comes around, the Grinch, who despises the holiday, schemes a plan to pose as Santa and ruin Christmas for all of Whoville. In his attempt to steal Christmas, he realizes that he truly loves the holiday. Departing from the typical kind protagonist, the Grinch stands out due to its unique perspective of the Grinch while still carrying the uplifting themes that are common to all Christmas movies. The Grinch himself carries most of the film with his counterintuitively charming, endearing grumpy personality. This all time favorite Christmas movie received a rotten tomatoes rating of 81%.

#2 Home Alone

When troublesome Kevin McAllister acts up before his family’stheir Christmas vacation, he is mistakenly left behind ‘home alone’. Instead of being scared and nervous, he has the time of his life by himself as he does anything and everything he desires. This excitement turns to war when two criminals scout his home to rob. Meanwhile, his parents are frightened that their son is by himself and try their best to return home. After successfully placing traps and protecting his house, the bandits are put in custody and Kevin reunites with his mother.

This eventful and jaw-clenching Christmas film, with numerous iconic scenes, received a rotten tomatoes rating of 83% for its entertaining plot and love for Kevin McAllister.

#1 Elf

Buddy was accidentally transported to the North Pole as a baby, and he grows up as one of Santa’s elves. In search of his real father, Buddy the elf embarks on a journey to New York City. As a very immature and out-of-place adult in the midst of the Big Apple, he finds a job at a store named Gimbels and falls in love with unenthusiastic worker Jovie. He reunites with his father Walter Hobbs and brings chaos to his life. On the night of Christmas, Buddy comes to the aid of stranded Santa and saves Christmas for all. This fan favorite received a rotten tomatoes rating of 88% reflecting its amazing cast and hilarious plot.