Falcons give back during the holidays



A group of choir students selected to compete at the TPSMEA All-State competition pose.

Matthew Godinich, Multimedia Producer

In this time of thanksgiving and festivity, various members around campus are doing their part to give back to the community.

Mr. Ray Reason

Every day, Falcons see Mr. Ray Reason, transportation coordinator and building operator, roaming the halls and coordinating many of the incredible facilities projects across campus.. But few know that Mr. Reason is a pastor with Holy Trinity Christian Fellowship. He has been pastoring for more than 38 years and he volunteers more than 40 hours a week to provide for underserved communities and providing fellowship to the youth.

Around the holidays, Mr. Reason organizes food distributions for the homeless and hosts GALAs for kids that come from a single parent background. Around the year, Mr. Reason spends time talking to the homeless and young teens and connects them to organizations that can help them with whatever problems they may be facing. He later said, “I love making a difference in people’s lives.”

Having worked at Kinkaid for more than 34 years, Mr. Reason also runs a program called TeamRap. This is a program where youth 13-30 from single-parent households can come together and find a sense of community. 

In his free time, Mr. Reason loves to bowl and fish. But he “enjoys being around people and building a sense of community.”

The Sisters Program

The Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program at Kinkaid collected toys around the holidays for underserved youth. They “target toys for older kids” because those toys are in higher demand. Common toys include sports equipment and gift cards, according to. These toys are then given to the national BBBS program. Currently, at Kinkaid, around 30 high schoolers have biweekly meetings with a little brother or sister from Briargrove Elementary, spending time with kids who mostly come from impoverished or single-parent homes. Elena Loya and Ana Susman, seniors and co-presidents of the BBBS program personally put these toys in their cars and drive them over to the BBBS headquarters for donation.

Loya said that she has participated in numerous service projects at the Big Brothers Big Sisters headquarters and met some of the kids that will be receiving these gifts…they are all amazing and so deserving.”

Loya “really enjoys working to benefit children in the Houston community in order to ensure all children of the future have great opportunities for success.”

She “enjoys giving back because both of [her] parents were able to overcome child poverty and give me the life that they never had.” This annual drive, she hopes, will bring smiles to those who need it the most around the holidays.


Every year, Encore, the Upper School select choir, goes to Belmont Senior Living Home to sing Christmas Carols to the elderly and immobile. This year, they went on Tuesday, Dec. 6 during lunch, singing their holiday repertoire.

“It brings lots of joy!” Mr. Chip Colvin, Upper School choir and music director, said. “But, sometimes, it’s more than that. Last time we went, there was a very elderly woman who was mostly catatonic. When we started singing her favorite Christmas carol, she started to sing along! It was a really powerful moment.

It is also a favorite event to participate in among the students. Senior Jaisal Kalapatapu noted that some of their favorite carols include “Carol of the Bells,” “Deck the Halls,” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

“It brings them so much joy to watch and listen to us sing,” he said. “It’s definitely a really heartwarming experience.”