Margaret Kinkaid showcase mesmerizes community


David Shutts

The Upper School orchestra performed during the Margaret Kinkaid concert.

Eva Humble, Staff Writer

Under the spotlight and along the walls of the Student Life Center, art came to life as the visual and performing arts departments united for the annual Margaret Kinkaid Holiday Concert and Visual Arts Display.

For the first time since 2019, due to COVID stopping all joint productions, the beloved annual event made its return.

The Margaret Kinkaid concert is unique, featuring all three ensembles together, including the joint opening and closing pieces and two solo performances each from the band, choir, and orchestra. 

The three musical directors of the Kinkaid band, choir, and orchestra departments prepared their students for the last month, working hard during their allotted class rehearsal time to get as much practice time as possible before the big performance. Preparation for the concert began in early November, immediately following the fall concert. 

 “We just got done with a concert in October, near Halloween, so we had to get going very quickly,” said Orchestra Director Mr. Steve Kastner.

All 109 band, choir, and orchestra students took the stage dressed in tuxedos, dresses, and festive Christmas attire. They opened the concert by performing an arrangement of  “White Christmas.” Following the opening ensemble, each group performed individually; the band performed first, followed by choir, and last, orchestra. 

 “For both Concert Choir and Encore, we tried to get contrast in the songs that we chose,” said Choir Director Mr. Chip Colvin.

This is seen with the Concert Choir performing “Sleigh Ride,” an up-tempo, lively song as well as “Lullaby”, a slow and melodic piece. Encore performed “The Christmas Song,” jazzy and rhythmic, and “The Work of Christmas,” a melodic acapella piece. 

Sophomore Charlie Yang had his own cello solo feature in “We Three Kings” performed by the orchestra. Along with that song, the orchestra performed other songs such as “Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella.”

To close the concert, Mr. Vogt directed the groups in the final piece, “Holiday Favorites,” a medley of Christmas songs including “Let It Snow” and “Frosty the Snowman,” among others. 

Following the finale, the audience erupted in applause and gave a standing ovation to the directors and performers. 

Post-performance, many audience members headed to the Student Life Building to take in the 357 beautiful art pieces created by those in ceramics, drawing and painting, mixed media, photography and more. 

Lining the walls of the Student Life Building were dynamic photos taken of fellow classmates and landscapes by all students enrolled in photography as well as unique prints created by those in mixed media. In a special display, ceramic flower vases created by seniors were filled with colorful floral bouquets. Along with the stunning display of vases, other creations from the ceramics department were displayed as well, such as ceramic animals, cups and lamps. 

The overall enjoyment of the concert came from the various elements of art portrayed and joined together to create a wonderful overall performance and showing. 

“I like that the concert has all the art forms; it is band, choir, and orchestra, but it is also visual arts in the hallway galleries,” Mr. Colvin said.