Wellness week serves as an outlet for students during finals


Sam Fowler

Students smile on the first day of Wellness Week in the 2021-22 school year.

Matthew Godinich, Digital Producer

Once a year, all of Piney Point Village hears the most horrifying and bone-chilling screams.

However, the screaming is all in good spirits as part of the annual events during wellness week, a period of events and activities designed to relieve stress during the finals season. 

This year, wellness week was scheduled from Dec. 1 to Dec. 7.

Kindness Day was Dec. 1, and that’s when posters and compliments were posted in the hallways throughout the Upper School to improve self-esteem. 

The next day, students were encouraged to wear pajamas to school. 

“It was nice to see everyone in pajamas. It put a smile on my face,”sophomore David Liu said. 

On Monday, students were encouraged to write positive messages on the mirror at the end of the Senior Hall. It was a wildly popular activity among students.

Wellness Committee members encouraged other students to join on a nature walk in the backyard during club period on Dec. 6.

 “It’s so special that we can do an extensive nature walk on our own campus. Not many schools have that,” junior Eshaan Mani said.

On the last day of Wellness Week, students brought baked goods to the Student Center during lunch. Also, a primal scream took place in the Moran library courtyard after school to help students relieve their stress before finals. 

This special week was designed to emphasize the importance of mental health during exams. 

“Wellness Week is really important to me because it helps us put on events that are fun for the community but also bring awareness for really important issues like mental health for high schoolers,” said Sam Fowler, senior and co-president of the wellness committee.

Senior Elliott Crantz said Wellness Week helped him destress, which will likely improve his grade on his final exams. 

“Wellness Week is a week all students at Kinkaid enjoy, and it helps bring the community together during a very intense period of time,” Crantz said.