Homecoming royalty announced with pomp and fanfare


David Shutts

Homecoming king Micah Bell and queen Audrey Lobb smile with head of school Mr. Jonathan Eades after being crowned.

Preston Herleth, Staff Writer

AP U.S. history teacher and football announcer, Mr. Ted Curry, had quite the halftime announcements at the football game on Friday, Oct. 21.

Each year exemplary students are chosen to represent the senior class on the homecoming court.

After the seniors vote on the 12 students who they believe are best suited for the court, the entire Upper School can vote on who they think the king and queen should be.

This year, seniors Micah Bell and Audrey Lobb were named homecoming king and queen. This year, however, was a little more unique than years past.

The 2022 court had five Division I athletes on it – three of which were girls with the other two being boys.

The tradition of homecoming is celebrated among all grade levels.

“My grade is looking forward to our nominations, too,” junior Rina Miriam Presley said. “I think each class wonders as homecoming approaches who their options might be.”

Students believe the homecoming court should be representative of the Upper School. 

“These students are the ones who uphold the four core values and should be shown as the perfect students to represent us,” junior Caroline Girard said.

Every senior class elects classmates who exhibit the core values of Kinkaid, whether it be through athletics, arts or other activities.

“It is pretty honorable to be elected because I know a significant number of my peers saw good enough qualities in me each day, so I am happy to represent my class,” said senior George Kinder, a member of the homecoming court.

The 2022 court featured senior girls who participate in various sports, such as cheerleading, field hockey and tennis, and in a variety of school electives and activities, from peer mentors to band. Senior boys on the court represented football, lacrosse and golf and were a part of arts and school activities ranging from journalism to the Honor Council. 

“Every nominee is different, and the group is definitely diverse,” said junior Natalie Josephson.

The other senior girls on this year’s court included Mia Abello, Hope Haynes, Lucie Kunetka, Mae Montgomery and Sarah Grace Raynes. 

The other senior boys on this year’s court included Jaisal Kalapatapu, George Kinder, Watt Muir, Jaivir Pande and Gardner Watson.