Auction returns, Kinkaid swept up in wonder


Jonathan Eades

Mr. Moore and his wife bust a move on the dance floor during the auction.

Jack Klosek, Opinion Editor

Over a thousand members of the Kinkaid community donned their tuxes and evening gowns and headed to the 2022 Kinkaid Wonderball held Mar. 5.

This triannual event is a night of socializing, dancing, partying and, of course, bidding on a wide array of trips, dinners, sports events and, this year, even a 2022 Ford Bronco. 

This year, however, the auction looked much different than in previous years. Typically, the auction has been held indoors in the Melcher Gym, but this year provided an opportunity to try something new.  

With the uncertainty of COVID-19, the auction – which was planned over a year ago – was held outdoors on the Falcon Green. 

“Last year we ended up having graduation outside due to COVID,” said Mr. Jonathan Eades, head of school. “The ceremony ended up turning out to be fantastic, and we are actually going to have the class of 2022’s graduation outdoors, too. Similarly, with the auction, if it turns out to be a preferable alternative to the previous auction’s look, we may continue holding it outdoors.” 

A large makeshift tent was constructed, turning Kinkaid into a quasi-construction site for the past week. Aztec Events and Tents and our facilities team helped set up the auction tents.

“Planning the auction is like planning a wedding,” Mr. Eades said. “The planning has been a couple years in the works and I am thrilled with how it came out.” 

While the auction certainly provided a much-needed celebration for the Kinkaid community, it is also a key part of helping Kinkaid run smoothly. 

Mr. Eades said the auction is intended to bridge the gap between the tuition and the operating budget. 

“Events like the auction, clay shoot and golf tournament help raise critical funds for the school,” he said.

Without these important events, Kinkaid would look much different and even be forced to cut certain programs. 

“The Kinkaid Auction is a fundraiser and a fun-raiser.” said Mr. Eades with a big grin. “It is a great way to come together and have a party while also benefiting our school community. That is the ultimate win-win.”