Student leadership executive board announced


Erica Baker

Student leadership board positions were announced.

Cooke Davis, Staff Writer

Mason Thenor and Mia Price were elected to serve as the Student Governing Council president and vice president, respectively, for the 2022-23 school year.

The announcement that Thenor and Price won occurred during the Feb. 22 morning assembly. 

“I am very excited to serve as the Vice President of the Governing Council. I have been working towards this since middle school, and I have a lot of ideas that I am ready to execute. I encourage all students to reach out to me and share their ideas too because I would love to make next year a great year for everyone,” Price said.

The assembly for Governing Council elections and Honor Council was held on Feb. 8. Students in grades 8 to 11 were sent a link to vote for candidates.

The Governing Council presidential candidates were Matthew Godinich, George Kinder and Mason Thenor. The Governing Council vice-presidential candidates were Mia Price and Stockton Lord. 

The Honor Council co-presidents, Gardner Watson and Samantha Fowler, ran unopposed. 

The candidates for Governing Council president and vice presidents made videos saying what they would like to do during their term as president. 

Lavar Ball, a celebrity who has three sons in the NBA and owns the Big Baller Brand, made an appearance in Godinch’s video.

“I really liked Matthew Godinch’s video because of the uniqueness. Also, Lavar Ball being in the video made it really funny,” sophomore Byron Qi said.

Price and Thenor did something that has not been done before. They made their video together and set it as a “Mean Girls” episode. Still, their names appeared separately on the ballot.

During the assembly, a panel was held for the presidential candidates and they were asked questions. Some of the questions included: “How do you define leadership?” and “How do you see yourself as a leader?” 

Kinder’s idea of creating napping centers around the Upper School for kids to sleep during their free periods was especially popular.

“I loved George’s idea of napping centers around the upper school, but I think Mason won because of accolades and background on leadership which boosted the confidence of the students on having Mason as their Governing Council leader,” sophomore Walter Osowski said.