Choco Tacos arrive on campus


Cooper Buck

Junior Harrison Lawrence holds a Choco Taco.

Cooke Davis, Staff Writer

They’re here: Choco Tacos.

Choco Tacos are now being sold in the Dining and Learning Center.

Many students in the Upper School are ecstatic about this addition.

“Choco Tacos are the best addition to the cafeteria and I get like one a day at lunch,” Blakely Bruce, a sophomore, said.

Mr. Mark Harris, the dining center’s top chef said the dessert was popular so he worked to bring them back to campus.

“Around eight years ago, our distributors stopped selling them because there was a shortage,” Chef Harris said.  “I was researching them and found a distributor that would sell them to us, so I got them. The reason I wanted to get them again was that they used to be a student favorite and we were always selling out.”

Some form of Klondike’s Choco Taco has been around since the mid-1980s and again is available in Taco Bell stores in 2015

Students likely know what they’re getting when they bite into one: The taco dessert consists of a waffle cone in the shape of a taco shell filled with vanilla or chocolate ice cream covered in a coating of frozen fudge. There are different versions of the choco tacos, some with nuts, some without. 

“I am glad to see them back because I haven’t had one in such a long time and they take me back to my childhood,” Cooper Chambers, a freshman, said.

Audrey Lobb, a junior, said that she used to have them all the time at camp and haven’t had one since.

  “I’m super happy to see them here,” she said.

While shows that it sells a four-pack of the Choco Tacos dessert for as low as $5.99, students would have to pay $3.25 per purchase in the dining center.