Students share African-American heritage and culture


African American Appreciation Club

A flyer for the event on Thursday, Feb. 3.

Matthew Berman, Staff Writer

On the Brown Auditorium’s stage, with beaming bright lights shining down upon the stars of the night’s show, seats will fill with an eager audience to watch African-American students display their culture and heritage. 

With Black history month having begun earlier this week, students who identify with the African-American community will have the opportunity to step onto the stage and display their culture’s noteworthy accomplishments.

The school will be hosting the eighth annual Celebration of African-American Heritage & Culture on Feb. 3 at 6 p.m.

“I think it’s great that the school has made this a priority to showcase Black history…different diverse topics and people,” said Ms. Lakeisha Branch, Upper School head librarian. 

Ms. Branch also mentioned that some of the talented people can expect to see are spoken word, stepping (a form of dance), and groups of students speaking on their history.  

“I want the audience to see the hard work we put into these celebrations and be able to leave having learned something new about black culture and history,” said senior Jazmyn Williams, “I think it is important because the black community is very unrepresented at Kinkaid and by holding the event each year we are creating history at Kinkaid.”

In addition to student and faculty presentations and displays, a guest alumni speaker will join the celebration and allow current Upper School students to engage in panel-style discussions with former Kinkaid graduates.