Dancers ‘inspired’ by choreography


Sika Hounfodji

Cooper Chambers, freshman, and his classmates follow Mrs. Anjaly Thakkar’s warm up routine at the beginning of her Inspired Choreography. class.

Bridget Gray and Sika Hounfodji, Contributors

Students’ laughter echoed throughout the recital hall while they stretched in Mrs. Anjaly Thakkar’s “Inspired Choreography” class.

After they finished stretching, the students split into groups to work on choreographed dances with songs of their choice blasting in the background. 

Mauricio Mata, a freshman, said that his favorite part of the class is “probably when we all get in a group and make up our own dance. That’s pretty fun.”

After practicing each of their choreographed dances, the groups performed their pieces twice and then awaited their peers’ constructive feedback.

“Inspired Choreography” was created to highlight different choreographers’ inspirations and teach students various styles of choreography. 

“I have a dance background,” Mrs. Thakkar said. “I was a professional dancer for several years before I became a math teacher.” She said she loved being a professional dancer, but she realized how much she loved teaching math as well.

Mrs. Thakkar was able to use both math and choreography with her students because both utilize the same side of the brain in a lot of ways.

“Students themselves choreograph pieces inspired by music, inspired by movement and inspired by subject matter,” Mrs. Thakkar said. 

Not only did the students learn how to choreograph, but they also learned to take risks. 

“Being willing to step out of your comfort zone and learn about a different perspective is good,” Mrs. Thakkar said.

Bennett Bowman, freshman, agreed.

“For sure. I think it did for a lot of people as well. I do cheer, so I do this all the time,” said Bowman who is accustomed to learning choreography for her cheer routines.

Mrs. Thakkar said students who are already dancers in this class are really just getting the opportunity to develop their craft in a safe environment. 

“There was no other options, but I was really interested in trying some dance. It seemed like a really fun class to do with my friends,” Bowman said.

“Inspired Choreography” was not the only dance class available to Kinkaid students during Interim Term. They could also take hip hop and latin dance.

“I just love to expose students to the artistic process of choreography and dance technique and just kind of all the pieces and components that come together to create works of art,” Mrs. Thakkar said.