Bake sale raises funds for relief efforts in Haiti


Ben Holm

The UNICEF Club sets up for their bake sale on Thursday.

Eshaan Mani, Executive Digital Editor

Sweet treats abounded in the Quad as the clouds receded last Thursday and Friday at lunch. The UNICEF Club set up a bake sale to raise money for relief efforts in Haiti. 

On Aug. 14, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Haiti, with its epicenter 150 kilometers from Port-au-Prince, the country’s capital. Over 12,000 are injured, 2,207 people have been confirmed dead and 344 are missing. 

Junior Ben Holm, president of UNICEF Club said he felt it was his responsibility to help the reeling nation.

“With so much going on in Afghanistan and other places, the earthquake in Haiti went under the radar of most people,” Holm said. “I felt it deserved some recognition in our school.”

Ms. Tatum Branaman, coordinator of service programs, brought this natural disaster to the club’s attention, and Holm devised a plan to support UNICEF and draw attention to the crisis. 

“Since the UNICEF club has 50 members, we felt that a bake sale would be the most impactful fundraising event,” he said. “It was also the easiest type of fundraiser to get approved by the donations committee.”

The club raised $478 from the bake sale. Holm explained that this money will be donated to UNICEF.

“They are on the ground right now, doing the best they can to help out. This money will help them provide aid in Haiti,” he said. “Our goal is to raise as much as we can and to raise awareness while doing so.”