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Dividing America

Dividing America

October 24, 2019

An Open Letter to Middle Schoolers

Olivia Marrus

April 25, 2018

Middle school is rough. We’ve all been there. It’s awkward. You just can’t wait to get to high school and get away from the confines of uniforms, miniature lockers, and the dabbing-ban. You want to grow up and distance ...

United through Uniforms

Katherine Berman

December 14, 2017

Upper School needs a uniform. It’s time. In my four years at Kinkaid, I have experienced the morning chaos of getting ready, seen the tears of my classmates when they get in trouble for their ripped jeans and “short” hemlines,...

Is A Dress Code Really Necessary?

Eliza Griggs

December 14, 2017

A few weeks ago as I was entering the Brown auditorium on my way to assembly, a teacher gestured towards me and asked for my name. She prepared to write my name down next to others on her notepad and informed me that my dress...

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